About Alesandra

 Alesandras music generates energy that captures a listening ear. Her songwriting style ranges from rock to classical. “Folk-Rock-Pop with a little bit of Hip-Hop” is a perfect description for Alesandras rhythmic story-telling way. As a soloist or with a band this unique fun-loving girl has a stage presence all her own. 

 Riding to catholic school through lonely Ohio roads in an orange Pinto with a radio that doesn’t work. What’s a parent to do but teach their kids to sing! 


A Trinidad and Tobago born mother and Mexican father from east LA made for an interesting musical upbringing. Saturday mornings in Miami, Florida found her mother dancing and cleaning to the calypso rhythms of Sparrow and The Merrymen, while in the back bedroom/office her dad wrote classical compositions for any symphonic instrument he could find.   

7th grade band led to “band camp” in high school, and then on to “bonfire at the beach” kinda guitar playing with church friends. Her music has evolved since those early church days into a style that blends alternative rock, and rhythmic singer/songwriter folk. Eddie Brickel was one of the first influences to Alesandra's songwriting. Martin Sexton, Ani DiFranco, and Van Morrison are also some of her favorite musicians. 

 “Alesandra engages her audience, balancing a lighthearted rhythem with deep and truthful stories. I always leave the show with her songs resonating in my head.”
-Richard Adoradio Founder of ‘Thriving Artists’, San Jose, California.

“I was totally amazed by her stage presence. She mesmerized me with a crystal clear voice coming out of her delicate mouth. Alesandra is a total package.”
-Thomas H. Owner: Cesars Lounge, Montreal, Canada.